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5 New Entrants to Indiana’s Health Insurance Exchange

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Residents of Indiana are getting some new health insurance choices in the state’s health insurance exchange.  According to The Courier-Journal’s “Indiana health insurance market to see changes,” Maureen Groppe says that five additional companies will be selling plans in the state exchange this year.  There are currently four companies offering plan choices in Indiana.  Out of the 16 states that make their information public, Indiana has the most new entrants.  There will be some rate changes by the four companies who are already selling in Indiana’s exchange.  The highest change is a 96% increase and the lowest change is an 11% decrease in plan costs.  More choices mean that Indiana residents who already have health plans could get rates that are significantly lower than their current plan rates.

More than 130,000 Indiana residents purchase health insurance outside of an employer program or Medicare.  It’s possible that number could double next year as more uninsured Americans seek health insurance plans through the government exchanges and individual companies to comply with the individual mandate.  CareSource is one of the new companies to Indiana’s exchange and plans to offer very low, competitive rates.  Their rates are so low in fact, that the state regulators questioned the insurance company’s filing.  Premium prices will not be set in stone until just before the November 15 open enrollment period.  But the state filings help the market get a feel for what is going to happen in the fall.

Overall health care costs are increasing by 5.4%.  Insurance companies have to justify increases in premiums that are much more than the increasing cost for health care.  Some insurance companies face a greater amount of claims than others.  Indiana is changing the way that their disabled residents qualify for Medicaid, so close to 7,000 people with higher medical expenses will be entering the individual health insurance market next year.  Since these Affordable Care Act rules are fairly new, insurance companies are still trying to maneuver this health insurance market where they cannot deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions.  Companies are seeking rate increases and also lowering premium costs based on regions in the state and the tier level of different plans.  It will take a few years for health insurance companies to determine exactly what premium changes need to be made based on what happens each year with costs and new members.

Helping Indiana’s Children Get Health Insurance

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Too many children in the United States lack health insurance and organizations in Indiana are working hard to make sure local residents eligible for Medicaid coverage know it.   According to The News Dispatch in Michigan City, Indiana, Covering Kids and Families (CKF) is the driving force behind this movement in Indiana.  Lois Tomaszewski details this information in the article “Health organizations discuss children’s health insurance.”  Health organizations, medical providers, and school representatives met this week to talk about ways they can get La Porte County children covered by Hoosier Healthwise.  This is Indiana’s Medicaid program, which covers health insurance costs for eligible children and families.

CKF works all over the state of Indiana to offer health insurance information and other resources that will help families enroll in this health care assistance.  They seek out potential applicants through scouring the demographic and try to help them through the application process and match them with health care providers.  On a more intimate level, the La Porte County Coalition works more locally doing the same work as the state organization.  Families with inadequate or no health insurance have few choices when trying to care for their children.  Some recent examples in the article include a child with a peanut allergy who couldn’t afford a life saving epi-pen to carry with him and a child who couldn’t get an arm cast removed because his family’s health insurance was null and void after moving from another state to Indiana.

State health insurance programs cover things like epi-pens or inhalers for kids with asthma.  The Michigan City Area Schools organization looks for potential applicants to the state’s Medicaid program through other assistance programs like those who receive free lunches.  97,000 kids in Indiana are without health insurance, while there are more than 800,000 getting free or reduced lunches.  One of the most important steps in getting families to meet with these helpful organizations is to work with them on a meeting place and time that is convenient.  Once families are aware of the Medicaid insurance available to them and how it can help their kids, they are grateful for the help.  MDWise is the Indiana Medicaid program that is non-profit; there are two other programs in the state.  This problem is unlikely to go away, so helping to get more children insured will remain of utmost importance.