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Aultcare Health Insurance Keeps Increases Low

Friday, November 20th, 2009

In “Soaring health care premiums hurting employers” by Robert Wang of the Canton Repository, Wang highlights an issue many employers are struggling with.  Health care costs are the second highest business expense next to payroll for many employers.  They have to pass some of the costs onto their employees who now have higher deductibles, co-pays and caps on out-of-pocket expenses.  The unfortunate consequences are that employees have delayed seeking medical care until their conditions cost two or three times more to treat and some people are dying from delayed treatment.

Some companies have been lucky enough to escape the double digit health care cost increases.  One company with Aultcare health insurance is happy to have a single digit increase this year.  They believe that is based partly on a wellness program that was recently introduced to help employees live healthier lifestyles.  Health care costs for employers seem to rise more for smaller businesses because one expensive claim makes a larger impact.  As technology costs more and claims increase, the cost to employers and employees seems to keep rising.  It will be interesting to see what comes of all this government health care reform talk.

Compare Health Insurance for Coverage of Swine Flu Vaccine

Friday, November 13th, 2009

The best way avoid the swine flu that has caused over 4,000 deaths is by getting the vaccine, according to “CDC’s swine flu toll: 4,000 dead, 22 million ill” by Lauran Neergaard of the AP.  The number of deaths is quadruple original estimates because without many people seeking medical care for the swine flu (or H1N1), it has been a hard number to quantify.  It’s still very early in the season and 22 million Americans have already been sick with the swine flu.

To find out if your swine flu vaccine is covered you have to compare health insurance.  But finding that vaccine might be even more difficult.  An AP poll shows that 1 out of 6 parents has vaccinated at least one of their children, but that at least 14% more have been looking for vaccines to no avail.  The CDC urges those adults looking for vaccines for themselves and/or their children to be patient because more become available every day.

Even with many deaths and millions of illnesses, the majority of the public seems not to view swine flu as a very big threat.  Many have been fed up with the “hype” and a lack of vaccine availability.  Only about a quarter of poll respondents said that they will continue to search for a vaccine that they haven’t gotten their hands on yet.  The CDC hopes that their statistics will get more people to seek out the vaccine for their children and themselves since getting vaccinated is the best way to stop the spread of a deadly new flu strain.