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Health Insurers Push to Continue Polio Vaccine

Monday, November 21st, 2011

World Polio Day is a reminder that while the Salk vaccine helped diminish the crippling of children in 1955, there are still places in the world where polio cripples and kills children.  According to the Skokie Review’s “Rotary Club of Skokie Valley fights polio,” Skokie Valley’s Rotary Club has made a large contribution to help rid of polio worldwide.  They are working to get more routine vaccination of children as well as helping support the medical staff, volunteers, and others working with children stricken with polio.  While polio is still a problem in parts of the world, it has been gone from America for years.  There is a slight worry by some that it could return.

Polio vaccinations are given in four doses between 2 months of age and 6 years.  A fear of autism has brought many parents to delay and even skip some of their children’s vaccinations altogether.  Health insurance companies like Aultcare are opposed to most parents deciding not to vaccinate their children.  They fear that stopping vaccinations, like that for polio, will bring about outbreaks of many diseases that we haven’t seen in America in decades.  The debate between those who are for vaccinations and those who are against it is very complicated and far-reaching, but insurance companies tend to lean towards the pro-vaccination side.  Vaccinating children against diseases saves money because the diseases stay gone.