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Health Insurance Rates Related to WHO and UN Health Findings

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

The United Nations recently did a health study which clearly linked the bad health problems of developed nations to those in poorer nations.  The differences in the developed countries’ diets and lifestyles have transferred to the poorer nations, according to Reuters’ Kate Kelland.  In the article, “WHO warns of high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity,” it says that one out of every three adults around the world is suffering from high blood pressure.  This high blood pressure causes half of the deaths related to heart disease and stroke.  Some countries in Africa actually have half of their adult population suffering from high blood pressure.

In a World Health Organization (WHO) study, they found that one out of every ten adults in the world is diabetic.  Not only does diabetes affect the health and life of those suffering from it, it costs billions of dollars each year in medical care and treatments.  This means that health insurance rates will be higher not only for diabetics, but for everyone as health insurance companies have to pass their increasing costs on to consumers.

Traditionally, people think that most cases of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer happen in wealthy countries because we eat high fat diets, smoke, and drink more alcohol.  But 80% of the deaths from these chronic diseases occur in low and middle income countries.  They obviously don’t have the health care opportunities that exist in most of the wealthier nations, but this shows how much more prevalent these chronic conditions are now in low and middle income countries.  They have seen increases in smoking as well as more Westernized diets and less exercise in recent years.

Low cost drugs and an increase in diagnosis of high blood pressure has reduced the deaths from this condition in wealthy countries, but those things haven’t been available in lower income countries.  Obesity is another worldwide chronic health condition on the rise.  From 1980 to 2008, obesity rates doubled in every region in the world.  Twelve percent of the overall world population is obese, another cause of higher health insurance rates.  Americans are the worst with 26% of the population being obese, while only 3% of the Asian population suffers from obesity.  Now that we know this information, it is up to health insurance companies and governments to figure out what to do with it.