Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kaiser Permanente's "Healthy Lifestyles" Wins Innovations in Healthcare Award

Online Health Programs Address Obesity, Smoking Cessation, Nutrition & Stress (7/20/2006)

Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to serving the communities of its members, in addition to the members themselves. Some community activities organized by Kaiser include providing assistance to the uninsured and special populations, training new health care professionals, introducing new delivery methods into the health care field, as well as developing and sharing better methods of patient care.

Oakland, Ca — The Adapted Business Leaders ( ABL ) organization has awarded the Innovations in Healthcare(SM) Award to Kaiser Permanente for its “Healthy Lifestyles” online programs that offer Kaiser Permanente members web-enabled behavior change interventions around critical health issues such as weight loss, physical fitness, stress reduction and smoking cessation.

The programs are highly tailored in that they provide personalized health advice unique to each individual based upon an initial assessment of his or her current health risks, family history, health beliefs, personal goals, motivations, and barriers to success. The programs are also available in Spanish. The ABL is a nationally-renowned roundtable of CEOs from healthcare or technology companies headquartered along the west coast between San Diego and San Francisco . Their focus is on developing strategies and operations in industries marked by huge waves of change and innovation.

Kaiser Permanente’s Internet Services Group won in the Consumer Empowerment category, whose criteria included the significance of the program, scalability of the solution, and performance metrics associated with the solution. “The online Healthy Lifestyles program empowers our Kaiser Permanente members to achieve real improvement in their health,” stated Christine Paige, PhD, senior vice president, marketing and internet services. “It is one more way in which we encourage our members to thrive.”

Over 150,000 Kaiser Permanente members have enrolled in these programs since 2004 with outstanding results. For example, 55% of participants enrolled in Balance™ lost weight, 48% dropped 1-point in Body Mass Index ( BMI ), and 27% of obese participations (defined as having a BMI of 30 or higher) lost 5% of their starting body weight.

Of these approximately one-third lost 10% of their body weight. Among those enrolled in Breathe™, 54% stopped smoking, and 95% of those who stopped reported high motivation to stay quite. 59% of Relax™ participants reported a decrease in personal symptoms of stress, and 80% of Nourish™ participants reported better nutrition.

The great results for members also translate into great results for employer customers. 24% of Balance™ participants who lost greater than 7.5% of their body weight reported an increase in productivity by 12%.

Kaiser Permanente is America ’s leading integrated health plan. Founded in 1945, it is a not-for-profit, group practice program headquartered in Oakland , Calif. Kaiser Permanente serves more than 8.5 million members in nine states and the District of Columbia . Today it encompasses the not-for-profit Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and their subsidiaries, and the for-profit Permanente Medical Groups.

Nationwide, Kaiser Permanente includes approximately 145,000 technical, administrative and clerical employees and caregivers, and more than 12,000 physicians representing all specialties.