Jeffrey Alan Levy is the designated agent for His state of residence is Ohio, where his license number is 1068178.

State/Locale License
Alabama 3001287218
Arizona 17632714
Arkansas 17632714
California 4123828
Colorado 689921
Connecticut 2722586
Florida W744758
Georgia 3418960
Illinois 17632714
Indiana 3670736
Iowa 17632714
Kansas 17632714
Kentucky 1132692
Louisiana 934530
Maine PRN382348
Maryland 17632714
Massachusetts 2150074
Michigan 1045212
Minnesota 40738981
Mississippi 10756658
Missouri 3001286164
Nebraska 17632714
Nevada 3668768
New Jersey 3001285143
New Mexico 17632714
New York 1660464
North Carolina 17632714
Ohio 1068178
Oklahoma 17632714
Oregon 17632714
Pennsylvania 999660
South Carolina 17632714
Tennessee 3001293314
Texas 2663387
Utah 846258
Virginia 1234324
Washington 1104114
West Virginia 17632714
Wisconsin 17632714

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