Friday, November 10, 2006

California Department of Insurance Warning Consumers About Faxes Offering Discount Health Insurance

If you are shopping for an plan, make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate insurance provider or broker before purchasing coverage. Whether you are looking for health insurance in California, or another state, you can contact your department of insurance with any questions or concerns.

California Department of Insurance (CDI)
Sacramento, California
October 30, 2006

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) is Warning California consumers not to purchase health insurance offered by Prime Med Care or Prime Star Health Care.

The companies and their owners, Jesse Casares and Joe Casares of Houston, Texas, are not licensed to sell insurance in California. According to investigators, the Casares’ have sent faxes to consumers advertising their discount healthcare plans.”

The marketing solicitation advertised a “New Health Plan” and “7-day OPEN ENROLLMENT with NO HEALTH QUESTIONS” for the Medical, Dental and a “$10-$40 MAX-PAY PRESCRIPTION CARD” at “ONE LOW PRICE” which “COVERS INDIVIDUAL OR ENTIRE FAMILY.” Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi announced Monday that CDI has issued an Order to Cease and Desist, which demands that Prime Med Care, Prime Star Health Care, Jesse and Joe Casares stop transacting any and all insurance business in California. “We are warning consumers that if they have paid for insurance provided by Prime Med Care, Prime Star Healthcare, Jesse or Joe Casares, they may find they have no coverage,” said Commissioner Garamendi.

“These companies are not licensed to sell health insurance, and consumers should not purchase insurance from any of these individuals or companies.” Those who may have already purchased insurance from Prime Med Care, Prime Star Health Care, Jesse or Joe Casares are urged to contact Senior Investigator Chris Lewis at 916/492-3432.

The CDI urges all consumers and interested parties to check the Department’s website at or contact the CDI Consumer Hotline at (800) 927-HELP to verify the license of a company or agent/broker before entering into an insurance transaction.


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