Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Health First Insurance Offers Diabetes Foot Clinics

Florida’s Health First Insurance Wound Management Center is offering foot screenings for free to anyone with Diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association states that diabetes patients may suffer from poor circulation in the legs and feet. They also may have a harder time fighting infection in these areas. Many diabetes patients have reduced feeling in the lower extremities because of nerve damage. These risks increase the chance of infection which could ultimately lead to amputation.

The serious risks associated with Diabetes has lead Health First Insurance to offer weekly Diabetes Foot Check Clinics. The free screen by a physician includes reviewing foot circulation, temperature, sensation, toenails, and open sores. Patient education and recommendations are also provided all free of charge.

To receive more information on the clinics, visit Health First Health Plans’ website.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Importance of Health Insurance Coverage

Many Americans have health insurance through their employers. But as the economy struggles and the working world changes, employment is no longer a health insurance guarantee. America continues to move from a manufacturing based economy to a service economy and working patterns are evolving. This, in turn has made employer based health insurance less stable.

Many small employers cannot afford to offer health benefits. And of the companies who do offer health benefits, many are charging the employee more of the cost. Because of these factors, many Americans are choosing to not take advantage of job based health insurance. But having coverage is still as important as ever. Everyone should have health insurance with basic benefits at a minimum.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daschle: Obama's Learned From Clinton's Mistakes

Kevin Freking from the Associated Press recently wrote that newly appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services (and leader of the Transition's Health Policy Team) Tom Daschle is certain that President-Elect Barack Obama will be more successful in enacting health care reform than Bill Clinton was 15 years ago. Clinton's infamous failure in ensuring affordable health insurance for all Americans has been blamed on procrastination that wasted momentum and allowed other issues to distract from health care issues.

According to Kevin and Daschle, another flaw of the Clinton attempt at universal coverage was its secrecy. This time around, the Obama administration is asking for the American public's experiences with their health insurance. The transition team is encouraging people to hold health care community discussions throughout the country later this month to gather opinions.

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